Friday, 11 September 2015

Trip to Poole and Studland Bay, Dorset, 10/11 September, 2015. Stay at Knoll House Hotel. (Part One)

Poole has probably the best natural harbour in Britain
(With Milford Haven, anyway!) 

It is a mecca for sailors.
A lot of the boats are out of my price range, however.

Poole is the home of Sunseeker Yachts

The Seed Warehouse where, about twenty years ago I almost purchased an apartment.
(A colleague pointed out I did not know anybody in the area and so would be very lonely!)
Corkers, where, about twenty years ago I stayed whilst looking for an apartment in Poole. (The owners have, I believe, now retired.)

A railway line runs through the town, which, like many in Britain, is a mess of architectural styles and colours (doesn't planning take place?) and frustrating to find your way around (British towns, like many American ones, should have been built on grids!).

Part Two (Knoll House and Studland Bay) to follow.

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